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Bruce Melton PE

Natural Warming VP Candidate

By Deniers and Delayers

John McCain’s choice for Vice President, 2-year governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, previous experience was as Mayor of Wasilla, AK, population 8,000.  Palin is for offshore drilling, for drilling in ANWR and believes that Arctic warming is natural.  She has sued the Secretary of the Interior to reverse the listing of the polar bear as…

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More Heat in the Arctic

By Uncategorized

Five of the last ice shelves along the Arctic coast of Ellesmere island in northern Canada have shrunk by 23% this summer.  Scientists say that the impact of warm temperatures this year is staggering. Ten times more ice was lost this year than was forecasted. The high temperature reached 67.5 degrees, 21.5 degrees warmer than…

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