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Inhofe Report – US Government Says Climate Change is Not Real

By Deniers and Delayers

Senator Inhofe’s is still producing negative propaganda designed to obfuscate the public opinion on climate science. The Environment and Public Works Committee says 400 scientists say that climate change is not a problem.  Real Climate has an analysis of Inhofe’s history here. The misunderstanding of the few remaining skeptics astounding given the amount of science…

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Climate Change Accelerating Rapidly

By Extreme Weather, Misc, The Unexpected

1,000 scientists at the December 9 -12 International Arctic Change Conference in Quebec City Canada have sobering words for the world. the following is from the Conference Declaration: "Climate change and its impacts are accelerating at unexpected rates with global consequences. Scientific information presented has raised to new levels our concern regarding the changes that…

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue to Soar

By Uncategorized

The planet is supposed to be reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, they have risen by 2.3 for the period 2000 to 2006. The UNFCCC cautions that emissions may be even worse now, noting that the statistics in the study are already nearly three years old. "UNFCCC expert review teams need two years to verify…

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