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ecological collapse

Film Screening, Dallas Sierra Club – Climate Change Across America, Inglorious Events, (44 min), Climate Change Now Initiative

By Gigs and Presentations

From South Texas to the North Slope of Alaska, climate change impacts are here. They are far more extreme and extensive than publicly understood, are mired in misinformation and the perceived debate, and are practically hidden in remote and difficult to reach areas. This film introduces a new right brain climate change adventure outreach strategy…

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Forestkill: Coniferous, Deciduous, Palm and Cactus — Climate Change is Everywhere

By Abrupt changes, Drought, forest health, Forest Mortality, pine beetle, Shifting Ecology, Vegetation Response

Slowly and insidiously, or abruptly and finitely. Forests of all kinds are succumbing to climate change. Mountain forests, city forests, forests in the southeast and the far north. Pine, spruce, fir, oak, maple. Nontraditional forests too; the palms of LA, succulents in the desert. Yes, deserts are at risk too. Deserts as ecosystems are fragile…

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