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New Media Bias: Climate Change Contrarians Preferred in Media, Shaping Policy AND Science

By Climate Culture, global warming psychology, Messaging, Myths, Psycho, Reports

Oaks killed by drought near Visalia, California. Media Disproportionately Publishes Climate Change Contrarian’s Positions “Climate Change is a Wicked multidimensional problem,” say the authors of this research  from Nature Communications on the disparity between publishing of articles on climate science vs. climate antiscience in the media. The motivation of this study was, “to provide insights…

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Five-Fold Increase in Cool Season Tornadoes

By Climate Catastrophes, climate emergency, Extreme Weather, La Nina, Messaging, Winter Weather

Mayfield Kentucky after the December 2021 tornado outbreak. Image: State Farm Insurance, Wiki Commons Winter Tornadoes Increase 5-Fold because of Climate Change Winter tornadoes have increase 500 percent since 1953 with most of the increase likely being recent. This study looked at 4293 tornadoes reported between 1953 and 2015. Not only did it find tornadoes…

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Climate Change Across America – Fall Filming 2021: Beetle Kill in SW CO and Forest Failure at Mesa Verde National Park

By Abrupt changes, Drought, Earth systems, Fire, forest health, Forest Mortality, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, pine beetle

Climate Change Across America Fall Filming Report Southern and Southwestern Colorado Beetle Attack and Forest Regeneration Failure at Mesa Verde National Park We returned to filming after a long covid. No trouble. On the big drive from Texas to the mountains, New Mexico was grand with their indoor mask mandate. Colorado and Texas were about…

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The Texice Disaster, Stories of climate change survival, our current emergency, and new solutions to this existential crisis.

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Climate Catastrophes, climate emergency, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, climate restoration, climate solutions, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, Earth systems, Extreme Weather, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, polar vortex, Solutions, The Unexpected, Winter Weather

Summary: The Texas winter storm disaster was caused by both climate change and poor planning. Climate change is making extreme weather more extreme, and energy generation planning in Texas did not fully take into consideration cascading feedbacks, simultaneous catastrophes, and the extent to which our climate has already created more extreme weather based on warming…

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Climate Change Jokes 2

By Climate Change Jokes

  You know global warming is real when: Hot water now comes out of both taps. You go outside your shadow stays inside. The chickens are laying hard boiled eggs. The trees are whistling for dogs. You no longer associate bridges or rivers with water. Morning dew is an oddity. How many climate scientists does…

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More Accurate Satellite Elevation Data Triples Sea Level Rise Inundation

By Beaches coastal, flood, Flooding, Impacts, Sea Level Rise

More Accurate Satellite Elevation Data Triples Sea Level Rise Inundation Drs. Kulp and Straus at Climate Central used new tech satellite elevation data to update leading sea level rise projections.  Before this work, satellite elevation data looked at the top of plants, trees, buildings, etc. This new satellite techs looks at top of dirt. On…

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A Climate Emergency Response – Austin Group of Sierra Club, Climate Change Committee

By Gigs and Presentations

A Climate Emergency Response – Austin Group of Sierra Club, Climate Change Committee, June 7, 2021 A climate emergency is upon us. More than half of tipping points are active, they complete their activations and become irreversible with  no further warming, and half have dynamical feedbacks that speed the collapse of other tipping systems. See…

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Rag Radio Podcast – A Climate Emergency Response, Environmental Researcher & Activist Bruce Melton by Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer

By Gigs and Presentations, Podcasts

Environmental researcher Bruce Melton joins Thorne Dreyer on Rag Radio to discuss responses to a climate emergency. He covers what a climate emergency is and why we have such emergencies, the nature of climate tipping, what “weather mayhem” is, and much more. He also discusses how we can delay these catastrophes and implement a climate energy response. Listen…

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