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Beach Report

Brief: Tipping Initiation, Restoration Reverses Some Sea Level Rise, Beach Disintegration, Limit to Sea Level Rise Adaptation

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Brief Report: Climate Tipping, Earth Systems Collapse Initiation, Climate Restoration Reverses Some Sea Level Rise, and the Barrier Island Disintegration Threshold, Limit to Sea Level Rise Adaptation A brief discussion with summarized academic findings. Climate Tipping, Earth Systems Collapse Initiation Greenland and Antarctica have seen their tipping activated. This does not mean they have passed…

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Sea Level Rise 500 BC to 2000: The Sea Level Rise Hockey Stick

By Abrupt changes, Beach Report, Beaches coastal, Oceans, Sea Level Rise

The Devil’s Elbow, Padre Island National Seashore. This is that point where the Texas Coast trends from Northeast to south; the big bend of coastal Texas. “The oceans are rising the beaches decree. Gonna get covered up by the sea. Tide gauges say what we can’t see. The oceans are rising the beaches decree.” Beaches…

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Critical Sea Level Rise on Padre Island, April 2014, Bruce Melton

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First published on the Rag Blog April 23, 2014 Link — Sea level rise is accelerating. At some point, our barrier islands will cross a disintegration threshold and begin to disappear. Because every mile of every beach is created differently, we will see some beaches begin to suffer sooner than others. PADRE ISLAND — For…

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New Music Video on Sea Level Rise from Bruce and the Band

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Happy Earth Day everyone! My recent survey of sea level rise erosion on Padre Island has motivated me to produce another sea level rise documentary (see Beach Report 041414). Any funding out there? Donations? It will be a climate change adventure rockumentary with good news: the solutions to climate pollution will be no more expensive…

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Beach Report 041414

By Beach Report, Sea Level Rise

I just returned from a recon trip to Padre Island where I drove the entire 90 mile 4×4 beach from Brownsville to Corpus in preparation for a fund drive to make a new sea level rise film. Please donate if you can, otherwise—tell your friends and thanks! Mansfield Pass (boat access & jetties) cuts…

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Beach Report: Padre Island National Seashore – Have We Tripped Over a Threshold?

By Beach Report, Beaches coastal, Sea Level Rise

(See the new gallery about this trip to Padre Island National Seashore: link) Padre Island National Seashore, October 19 and 20, 2013 (PINS) First day out: Saturday October, 19th 2013. We had planned a leisurely trip, birding, staying in town at a hotel, eating seafood, light four-wheeling and enjoying the beach. Then, Friday night a…

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