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Climate Change Across America Photographic Review PowerPoint 342 slides)

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A Photographic Summary of Climate Change Across America Healthy Planet Action Coalition November 30, 2023 4:40 ET, 3:30 CT, 1:30 PT From Padre Island to the North Slope of Alaska: beach erosion, desert species mortality, fire, debris flow, native insect infestations, forest regeneration failure, extreme cold, epic drought, greening of the Arctic, and permafrost collapse……

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Brief: Tipping Initiation, Restoration Reverses Some Sea Level Rise, Beach Disintegration, Limit to Sea Level Rise Adaptation

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Beach Report, Beaches coastal, climate restoration, Earth systems, Emissions flip, feedback, Tipping, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Brief Report: Climate Tipping, Earth Systems Collapse Initiation, Climate Restoration Reverses Some Sea Level Rise, and the Barrier Island Disintegration Threshold, Limit to Sea Level Rise Adaptation A brief discussion with summarized academic findings. Climate Tipping, Earth Systems Collapse Initiation Greenland and Antarctica have seen their tipping activated. This does not mean they have passed…

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More Accurate Satellite Elevation Data Triples Sea Level Rise Inundation

By Beaches coastal, flood, Flooding, Impacts, Sea Level Rise

More Accurate Satellite Elevation Data Triples Sea Level Rise Inundation Drs. Kulp and Straus at Climate Central used new tech satellite elevation data to update leading sea level rise projections.  Before this work, satellite elevation data looked at the top of plants, trees, buildings, etc. This new satellite techs looks at top of dirt. On…

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Retreat From the Sea: New estimates triple vulnerable population driving extreme migration

By adaptation, Beaches coastal, Climate Catastrophes, flood, Flooding, Impacts, migration, Sea Level Rise

One of the biggest mistakes made in our climate culture today is equating future emissions with impacts from sea level rise. We have enough CO2 in our atmosphere, and likely enough warmth built up already not counting warming in the pipeline, to create unrecoverable economic scenarios. Forced migration differs from migration patterns we have come…

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IPCC Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere, The Important Bits

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Arctic Sea Ice, Beaches coastal, Glaciers, ice sheet, ice sheets, Impacts, Methane, modeling, Oceans, Permafrost, sea ice, Sea Level Rise, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report, September 24, 2019 The Ocean and Cryosphere (the icy part of our planet) in a Changing Climate A Summary of Important Findings Overall of course, climate change is astonishingly worse with every new report. This one is no exception. Polar and mountain ice are melting faster, the…

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A Houston Hurricane w/ 20′ Surge: $863 Billion Over 50 Years – Rapid Intensification

By adaptation, Beaches coastal, Extreme Weather, Flooding, Hurricanes, Sea Level Rise

Texas A&M and the Army Corp of Engineers have completed their economic justification for the Ike Dike hurricane flood surge protection plan that is destined to fail because of sea level rise — unless we reverse warming. Failure aside, the plan offers economic insight into the long-term economic impacts of a hurricane strike in a…

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Climate Science Compromise Feedback Loop and Unrecoverable Impacts

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Beaches coastal, Climate Catastrophes, Climate Culture, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, climate restoration, Deniers and Delayers, feedback, global warming psychology, Healthy Climate, ice sheet, Impacts, Legacy Policy, Messaging, modeling, politics, Psycho, Sea Level Rise, The Unexpected, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Why are climate change impacts so much worse than projected? What does it mean? Why don’t we do something? In a nutshell, science is conservative, it’s slow, and the great climate consensus that has evolved to protect our society compounds the understating nature of the industry of science. This creates a vastly understating public facing message. …

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Abrupt Sea Level Rise Warning From NOAA: Paris Inadequate

By Abrupt changes, Beaches coastal, Climate Culture, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, climate restoration, climate solutions, economics, Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Healthy Climate, ice sheets, Impacts, Negative emissions, Scenarios, Sea Level Rise, Solutions, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

NOAA’s new sea level rise report in January 2017 is a dope slap that describes 17 inches of sea level rise in Florida by 2030. You can see the report here, or check out our review that summarizes the important parts here.  The continuing publishing of sea level rise research on emissions reductions and resultant…

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Warm Winter, Early Spring: Is Climate Change a Mixed Bag or are we Kidding Ourselves?

By Abrupt changes, adaptation, Beaches coastal, Climate Catastrophes, Climate Policy, Climate Reform, Deniers and Delayers, Drought, economics, Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Extreme Weather, forest health, Forest Mortality, Glaciers, Gulf Stream, ice sheet, ice sheets, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, modeling, Negative emissions, Oceans, pine beetle, politics, Psycho, Scenarios, Sea Level Rise, Shifting Ecology, West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Winter Weather

President Trump it seems, has given us permission to backslide with our thinking about climate change. Until we have rule or law that tells us we must do something about climate pollution, “those that would rather it not be real” have won. This allows the debate to rage encouraging doubt. The Clean Power Plan and…

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Sea Level Rise 500 BC to 2000: The Sea Level Rise Hockey Stick

By Abrupt changes, Beach Report, Beaches coastal, Oceans, Sea Level Rise

The Devil’s Elbow, Padre Island National Seashore. This is that point where the Texas Coast trends from Northeast to south; the big bend of coastal Texas. “The oceans are rising the beaches decree. Gonna get covered up by the sea. Tide gauges say what we can’t see. The oceans are rising the beaches decree.” Beaches…

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Critical Sea Level Rise on Padre Island, April 2014, Bruce Melton

By Beach Report, Beaches coastal, in-depth and Popular Press, Sea Level Rise

First published on the Rag Blog April 23, 2014 Link — Sea level rise is accelerating. At some point, our barrier islands will cross a disintegration threshold and begin to disappear. Because every mile of every beach is created differently, we will see some beaches begin to suffer sooner than others. PADRE ISLAND — For…

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New Music Video on Sea Level Rise from Bruce and the Band

By Beach Report, Beaches coastal, music videos, Sea Level Rise

Happy Earth Day everyone! My recent survey of sea level rise erosion on Padre Island has motivated me to produce another sea level rise documentary (see Beach Report 041414). Any funding out there? Donations? It will be a climate change adventure rockumentary with good news: the solutions to climate pollution will be no more expensive…

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Beach Report: Padre Island National Seashore – Have We Tripped Over a Threshold?

By Beach Report, Beaches coastal, Sea Level Rise

(See the new gallery about this trip to Padre Island National Seashore: link) Padre Island National Seashore, October 19 and 20, 2013 (PINS) First day out: Saturday October, 19th 2013. We had planned a leisurely trip, birding, staying in town at a hotel, eating seafood, light four-wheeling and enjoying the beach. Then, Friday night a…

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US Geological Survey Report – U.S. Climate Change Science Program. Coastal Sensitivity to Sea Level Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region

By Beaches coastal, Sea Level Rise

(784 pages) The last time that the planet was as warm it is today, sea level was 13 to 20 feet higher.  The temperature of the planet will warm about another 2 degrees even if we were to stop emitting all CO2 tomorrow morning. It is likely that sea level will rise to these levels…

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