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What Is the Most Meaningful Way to Increase Climate Action

By Climate Reform, Messaging, Psycho, Solutions, Strategy, The Unexpected, What we can do

What can we do as individual citizens that is the most meaningful of all climate change actions? How can we best use our time to create the biggest difference? This question has a very surprising answer. The 2016 Yale Program on Climate Communications poll Spiral of Silence is a short, simple “must read” for anyone…

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Climate Change T-shirts Launches: Why Global Warming Psychology Will Save the World

By Climate Policy, Climate Reform, global warming psychology, Legacy Policy, Messaging, Psycho, Strategy

Global warming psychology, this burgeoning new discipline of science that seeks to understand why we don’t trust climate scientists when we trust virtually all other scientists almost implicitly, is very clear in its findings: old science communications strategies have failed and we must use new techniques to communicate the climate change challenge. None of the…

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Maximizing Climate Change Outreach Post Extreme Weather

By Extreme Weather, Messaging, Psycho

This study uses 1,008 survey participants to evaluate where extra effort should be applied to leverage  increasing awareness in climate issues after extreme weather events. Extreme weather has already increased because of warming in some circumstances (including cold weather extremes) and experiencing extreme weather increases climate change awareness of individuals. This work suggest using extreme…

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Society’s Grand Challenge: Global Climate Change (American Psychological Society)

By Messaging, Psycho, Solutions

A 30 page booklet by the American Psychological Association that helps us understand how behavior is ultimately responsible for this climate pollution mess we are in. Whether it is from $7 billion in climate change counter-movement funding (link) or sheer laziness, the results are the same. This booklet can give insights into why it is…

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Report Says Climate Change Inaction is the Fault of Environmental Groups

By Psycho

This report says: “Environmental groups overlooked growing opposition to environmental protections among conservatives voters and, underestimated the rising force of the Tea Party, believing – wrongly, as it turned out – they could still somehow win over Republican members of Congress through insider grand bargaining.” It goes on to let Obama off the hook and…

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