Fundamental Climate Science:  Time Frames, Net Warming and Implications for Strategy

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The IPCC changed their fundamental philosophy on how they evaluate scenarios of our future climate in their 2013 reporting, but they have yet to acknowledge the most common and meaningful way our climate usually changes, implying negative consequences for traditional climate reform strategies. Popular science…

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Thoreau’s Woodland Is No More

By | Impacts

March 21, 2012: — Henry David Thoreau, Concord Massechusetts, Walden Pond. Among temperature and non temperature dependent flowering species, climate change has affected and will likely continue to shape the pattern of species loss in Thoreau’s woods. Species that have decreased greatly in abundance include…

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Antarctica is Still Warming

By | Antarctica

February 1, 2011 – A paper by Stieg et. al. in 2009, widely accepted as the best  in Antarctic temperature analysis in recent history, has recently come under fire from a paper by O’Donnell, et. al. O’Donnell’s paper says that warming in Antarctica is only…

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