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A Generation of Delay: Climate Policy Is 20 Years Behind

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First Published on Truthout, December 4, 2015 The perceived debate on climate change has discredited traditional climate science communications to such an extent that we are just now implementing policies developed during the Kyoto Protocol era that began in 1992. New climate science knowledge is simply not making it out of academia and into public…

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Legacy Climate Policy: The Scale of the Current Science and Need for DAC

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In the run up to the Paris climate talks, current policy is far behind. Virtually unknown is science stating that the solutions to treating climate pollution are simple, cheap and radically change a generation of policy we are currently trying to implement. Legacy climate policy being enacted today, and proposed at the Paris climate talks is…

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Why Swapping Coal for Gas is Really Bad Policy

By Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Methane, Scenarios, Solutions

Coal definitely creates less net warming in the short-term because of aerosols. Aerosols pollution emitted from coal is basically smog. The sulfates in smog rom burning fossil fuels are global cooling pollutants. Coal has far more sulfate pollution than oil and oil has far more sulfates than natural gas. Though natural gas emits less CO2…

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Climate Change 2014: What Do We Do Now?

By Abrupt changes, aerosols, alternatives, Climate Policy, climate pollutants short-lived, CO2 Removal and Sequestration, Emissions, Emissions Scenarios, Negative emissions, Solutions,

First published on Truthout, December 26, 2014. As we move into 2015, the latest climate science continues to diverge from policy. New science tells us that, because of short-lived climate pollutants, current policies dealing with carbon dioxide pollution alone will likely produce more warming than doing nothing at all. Complete Article

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Why Climate Science Communication is so Poor and Next Steps

By Psycho, Solutions, What we can do

The new discipline of global warming psychology tells that clear and concise communications of climate science can no longer provide the public knowledge needed to advance climate pollution policy. In 2013 alone, 13,000 papers were published about “global climate change” or closely related topics. How scientists interact with the public however has changed very little,…

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Society’s Grand Challenge: Global Climate Change (American Psychological Society)

By Messaging, Psycho, Solutions

A 30 page booklet by the American Psychological Association that helps us understand how behavior is ultimately responsible for this climate pollution mess we are in. Whether it is from $7 billion in climate change counter-movement funding (link) or sheer laziness, the results are the same. This booklet can give insights into why it is…

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Political Movement Behind the Scenes on Climate Change

By Myths, politics, Solutions

From Al Gore’s Ezra Klien’s interview in the Washington Post on 8/21/13   Al Gore has a really important Climate Change Initiative that is gaining steam, participants and press. It is called the Climate Reality Project ( There are a few really important things that Al said about the politics of our climate future that…

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Calling all earthlings: Climate change communications may as well be from aliens, by Bruce Melton

By communications, in-depth and Popular Press, Messaging, Psycho, Solutions

Relative to most of the 20th century, Austin’s January highs and lows were not 2.9 and 1.4 degrees above normal, but 9.9 and 10.4 degrees above normal! (First published on The Rag Blog, April 25, 2013. ) AUSTIN — Average temperatures have risen rapidly at the Austin reporting station since the turn of the…

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Argues Lord Stern …

By Solutions, Uncategorized

“Climate change looks far more threatening than it did six years ago” said Lord Nicholas Stern, a professor of economics and chairman of the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics. Stern, Chief economist for the Blair administration in the UK, World Bank Chief Economist, and author of the single most exhaustive evaluation…

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The Climate Change awareness drought is over Part Three: It’s only pollution

By alternatives, Climate Policy, Deniers and Delayers, in-depth and Popular Press, Myths, Solutions

For decades, the concept of installing privies in every house, business, and public building, and then piping human waste to a central treatment system, was perceived as lunacy that would bankrupt society. First published on the Rag Blog Part 3 of a three part series: Part 1: The Climate Awareness Drought is Over: Time to Change…

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Welcome to Climate Change Texas Part 1: What Can Be Done About Climate Change in Texas?

By Abrupt changes, Agriculture, alternatives, Climate Catastrophes, Deniers and Delayers, Drought, forest health, Forest Mortality, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, rainfall, Solutions

As I have been saying in the first two installments of this series, climate change is already much more extreme than most scientists have been predicting. This is mainly because the majority of predictions are based on the “most likely” emissions scenario and because we have not reduced our emissions like climate scientists told us…

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Solar Cell Discovery

By Solutions

New photovoltaic technology first reported almost a year ago is emerging that is nearly five times more efficient than current technology.  It uses silicon, like normal crystalline cells, but a unique fabrication process uses only about 2% of the amount of silicon that normal cells use and the material is created in a flexible film….

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Catastrophic Change and Climate Blindness

By CO2 Removal and Sequestration, forest health, Forest Mortality, ice sheet, Impacts, in-depth and Popular Press, Oceans, Shifting Ecology, Solutions

How do we curb emissions with the way our society has evolved? Really. I mean serious curbing; enough to prevent dangerous climate change? When considering the answer, dangerous climate change must be clearly defined. So, what exactly is dangerous climate change? Read More — First published on the Rag Blog

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Climate Change and Global Economic Dysfunction

By Abrupt changes, alternatives, Arctic Sea Ice, Climate Policy, forest health, Forest Mortality, in-depth and Popular Press, Sea Level Rise, Solutions

Do you realize that ocean primary productivity has declined 40% since 1950? Or that, this year’s coral bleaching was worse than during the super El Nino of ’98? Or that, the Arctic was declared functionally ice free last summer for the first time in 14 million years? Read More — First published on the Rag…

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It’s Cars, Not Coal – The New Paradigm of Climate Science

By alternatives, Emissions, in-depth and Popular Press, Solutions

The science has changed again. This time, things are really upside down. How are we supposed to know which target to shoot? We live, we learn. Science goes on, especially climate science. There is an extreme need for more knowledge about our climate. This has been obvious to the climate scientists for years. The titles in…

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