The good news is that we know it is going to be much worse than previously predicted: MIT Updates their climate projections – The bad news is that the media has now begun to completely ignore the environment

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MIT projections are almost double the IPCCs. Very scary stuff, and this makes four major publications in as many weeks that the media has not  acknowledged. And it is great climate change art too. The "no policy scenario" is business as usual. The policy scenario…

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US Geological Survey Report – U.S. Climate Change Science Program. Thresholds of Climate Change in Ecosystems

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(170 pages) Ecological thresholds occur when external factors, positive feedbacks, or nonlinear instabilities in a system cause changes to propagate in a domino-like fashion that is potentially irreversible.  Atmospheric carbon dioxide has reached levels unprecedented in possibly the last 24 million years. CO2 concentrations have…

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